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We believe

Naked was born in London in 2000. At a time when the communications industry was still stuck in the 1950’s, but the world was changing rapidly, Naked’s founders saw an opportunity to do things differently. A better way for brands to engage with consumers. A better way for organisations to manage brands. And a better way for agencies to help them do so. To find that better way, we grew to question the norms and expectations of categories and consumers. That’s why ‘Challenging Convention’ is at the heart of everything we do. Challenging convention gives ambitious marketers the chance to deliver greater business value. To gain an unfair share of consumers’ minds and build stronger, more resilient brands.

Which begs the question – how can we challenge convention for you?


Data mining

We extract meaningful data and structure it in an intelligible way to advise our strategic and creative process.


We trawl for relevant examples that can inform and refine our data models, constantly optimising our methodology.


The fruit of our ongoing research, data-backed insight informs and justifies our day-to-day work.

Analytics & Reporting

We have a range of analytical tools that we use to measure campaign performance and inform strategic creative.


We work together with businesses to build brands with clearly defined purpose and with the customer at the heart.

Experience design

We use sophisticated mapping techniques to optimise the quality of the user experience at every interaction.


In a hyper-connected world, we create real-time experiences that make customers value the time they spend with us.

Agile Production

We meet customer needs swiftly and effectively, always gravitating to what our audience really wants.


We are committed to optimising a customer's brand interaction at every touchpoint of the journey.


We believe that the only way to get to the heart of the customer is to put them at the heart of your brand.


Our in-house design team has a wealth of experience from OOH to web design across an array of industries.


Our social media management is both proactive and reactive, aiming to convert customers from awareness to advocacy.


We create content in all its forms, tailored to the brief, and always adding value to customers’ brand experience.


We identify the individuals that truly affect customers’ attitudes and collaborate to produce authentic content.


We define the minimum viable product and articulate success in a quantitative measure.

Lean development

Constant testing and learning ensures that we’re guided by what our audience really wants.


Through a cyclical process of building, measuring and learning, we can start early and optimise quickly.